Figure Drawing Class

Have you ever struggled with drawing people? Drawing the human form is difficult to master but so rewarding! The figure is a classic subject which can make for a timeless work of art. Not to mention, the skills used in drawing the human figure carry over to many aspects of art-making. Invest in your talents, take a figure drawing class! 


In my figure drawing course, you will be taught how to draw the nude human figure from a live model using charcoal and chalk on paper. Prior drawing experience and some knowledge of basic drawing concepts, such as perspective, is recommended. Lessons will use a structural approach geared towards helping you draw what you see. Primarily, the class will consist of demonstrations, gesture drawings, various exercises, and long pose drawings. There will also be individualized help when necessary.

The classes take place at the Dunedin Fine Art Center in Dunedin, FL. The Dunedin Fine Arts Center is a renowned fine art center with a wide variety of classes open to anyone.  

Long Pose Figure Drawing Open Studio

Not looking for instruction but still looking to hone your figure drawing skills? Consider coming to my Friday afternoon open studio session. It's for artists who want to draw a live model in any medium without guidance. The model will take the same pose for the duration of each session.