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Drawing Atelier Class

An atelier is an art school focused on teaching classical drawing techniques. Atelier training has been highly sought after by prospective art students in recent years because it provides students with the skills they need to create realistic artworks. In this class, students will learn foundational drawing techniques that are commonly taught in ateliers. These techniques will help students to establish accurate proportions, simplify a subject, and understand value relationships. The instructor will provide personalized feedback to help each student grow. In class, students will draw sculpture casts as well as copies of master artworks in pencil. The instructor will also provide students with resources to help them continue to learn outside of class. All materials will be provided by the instructor. Drawing Atelier combines beginner and intermediate students. Intermediate students are those who have taken my the class before and will continue their learning by drawing a still-life of their choosing. 

The classes take place at the Dunedin Fine Art Center in Dunedin, FL. The Dunedin Fine Arts Center is a renowned fine art center with a wide variety of classes open to anyone.  

Long Pose Figure Drawing Open Studio

Looking to practice your figure drawing skills on your own? Consider coming to my Friday afternoon open studio session. It's for artists who want to draw a live model in any medium without guidance. The model will take the same pose for the duration of each session.

Pencil drawing of a pinecone
Charcoal drawing of a female figure reclining
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