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     Thanks for visiting my artist website! Feel free to browse the different tabs and contact me with any questions. Under Artwork, you'll find my Main Work as well as my Studies. The CV tab has information about my art experience. The Take a Class tab has information about my upcoming figure and portrait drawing classes.



     Zoe Papas lives in Clearwater, Florida and has her BFA in drawing/illustration from the University of Central Florida. She is currently pursuing her MA through the Florence Academy of Art. Zoe is passionate about figure drawing and is continually striving for excellence in her artwork. Within the past few years, she has participated in local outdoor art shows and has won awards at the Art Harvest, the Tarpon Springs Fine Arts Festival, and Mainsail. Additionally, Zoe is a figure and portrait drawing instructor at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center.


Current and Upcoming


     I will have four drawings on display at the Creative Pinellas Arts Annual 2021 exhibition. Arts Annual Weekend will be taking place on November 13th and 14th. I'm going to be offering a new class at the Dunedin Fine Art Center starting next year called Drawing Atelier. The class will be geared towards beginner and intermediate levels and will teach students foundational drawing techniques.